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Our specialist team of lighting electrical contractors provide a complete design, installation and maintenance service for many types of lighting systems, including warehouses, factories, shopping centres, domestic premises and commercial offices. From a small lighting installation to a complete commercial premises lighting scheme, Kingsmill Electrical Services are able to provide an efficient, reliable and professional service.

Kingsmill electrical contractors work to highest standard work and leisure - Kingsmill Electrical services deliver whatever the requirement our electrical contractors can deliver

Our electrical contractors can install many different types of lighting including:

 School/Office lighting
Warehouse and factory lighting
Street lighting
 Emergency Lighting
Architectural lighting
Custodial lighting

Effective lighting is a vital part of modern living. It is vital for safety that premises are well lit and that emergency lighting complies with European and U.K legal requirements.

Kingsmill Electrical Services electrical contractors are conversant with these legal requirements and can assist you in the application, performance and testing of all emergency lighting requirements, keeping your facilities safe and operating within the law.

As any employer knows, their premises are regulated on many levels to ensure that workplace lighting levels are safe and do not pose a health risk to employees and others who may use their premises.

Regulations require every workplace to have suitable and sufficient lighting. The lighting in the workplace, should as far as is possible, be natural with glare and reflection from work-station screens, minimized. Regulations also state that suitable and sufficient emergency lighting needs to be provided, where people are particularly exposed to danger in the event of failure of artificial lighting.

Kingsmill Electrical Services electrical contractors can help with all requirements from initial installation, maintenance to PAT testing for ongoing safety requirements.

If you have a requirement or would like more information on services we can provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch or give us a call…..